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Innovative Solutions


Your complex legal administration gets complete engagement from our senior leadership professionals and benefits from our decades of comprehensive global class action administration and expert Notice experience.

• Pre-Settlement Consultation
• Media Services
• Notice Administration
• Claims Processing
• Contact Center
• Case Websites
• Settlement Fund Distribution

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Partnering with progressive nonprofit and advocacy organizations as well as political campaigns and committees to change the world, while securing the resources they need to fulfill their critical missions.

• Strategic Fundraising Counsel 

• High-value Donor Programs

• In-depth Analytics, Planning

  and Reporting Services

• Multi-channel Services:

  Direct Mail, Digital Marketing,

  Telemarketing, Mobile/SMS

• Creative Development

• List Services

• Production Management

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Nurture your customer and donor relationships through a seamless execution of digital and print communications in a secure environment.


• Data Management

• Direct Mail Marketing

• Multi-Channel Marketing

• Statements, Bill Printing

• Production Solutions

• Information Security

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Creative list solutions tailored 

to meet your marketing needs 

through a network of 

professionals with expertise 

in list brokerage and 


• Brokerage
• Management
• Marketing

• Consulting

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Immediate and cost-efficient response services with our in-house notification solutions.

• Data Processing

• Printing & Production

• Mailing Services

• Contact Center Services

• Email Distribution

• Text Message Notification

• Media Services

• Quality Assurance

• Website Creation

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We are an Equal

Opportunity Employer

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