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A.B. Data Publishes Article on How to Manage Vendor Security

A.B. Data, an expert in providing trusted incident response and data breach notification solutions and in-house services, released Managing Third-Party Vendors: Top Concerns and Solutions. As 2023 set the record for the highest number of data breach attacks, A.B. Data felt it was critical to provide guidance for companies, especially those who manage third-party vendors, on steps they can take now to minimize their security risk and prepare for a future response. The article covers best practices on how companies can mitigate potential data breaches, enhance their overall security posture, rapidly and professionally respond to threats, and amend vulnerable breach points following an incident. Read the full article here


“While A.B. Data specializes in incident response notice, we strive to provide our clients with insights on best practices to prevent security breaches from occurring and what to do when they do happen,” said Business Development Director, Patrick Ostrowski. “If a threat develops, A.B. Data is ready to help. Our in-house services offer customizable options for printing and production, first-class mailing, contact center, email processing and distribution, text messaging, data processing, media services, and website creation. We oversee our clients’ immediate response with the utmost speed and care and will help them identify ways they can best avert future incidents.”

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