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Incident Response SERVICES

Your single supplier solution for data breach notification

Comprehensive, Full Service
In-House Solutions

When you have a fast turnaround, A.B. Data’s planning, notification, print production, and mailing services are the most efficient and cost-effective means to reliably get your notification to recipients.

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A.B. Data provides quality solutions to clean data and verify and standardize addresses.

IR, Serv. - Data Processing
IR, Serv. - Printing2

As the largest mail processor in Wisconsin, A.B. Data's lettershop facility can produce and distribute more than 4 million pieces of mail in a single day.

A.B. Data is an industry leader with decades of experience using first-in-class postal software, and our clients get the greatest postage discounts.

IR, Serv. - Mailing

A.B. Data A.B. Data consults with clients to develop contact center solutions that best support the notice population and meet regulatory requirements.

IR, Serv. - Contact Center
IR, Serv. - Email

A.B Data expertly designs, creates, and deploys email for instant response notification.

IR, Serv. - Text Messaging

A.B. Data offers text messaging as a cost-effective strategy that allows you to send messages directly to your target audience in a snap.


A.B. Data’s in-house media agency offer a full suite of marketing and advertising solutions: analytics, strategy, media campaigns, social media, paid search, SEO, creative development, content creation, website design and development.  A comprehensive media campaign can support your instant response notification, increase awareness, and help those affected get the correct information.

IR, Serv. - Media Services
IR,Serv. - Website

A.B. Data's in-house experts work with you to develop, host, and maintain a customized, branded website where affected individuals can access relevant information, FAQs, documents, and applicable deadlines.

A.B. Data is committed to protecting the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of personal identifying information and other information that we collect.

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